We are pleased to announce that it now has completed development and certification of four new kits for the various 1-26 models, consisting of Hydraulic Brake Kits, Shoulder Harness and Battery Tray Kits.

The kits are now available as follows:

1. 26246-001K    Price: $217.42

Shoulder Harness & Battery mount tray for 1-26, A, B, C & D Models. This kit moves shoulder harness mount point aft to allow for full pilot range and provides for a battery and misc. equipment mount up to 24 lbs.


2. 26248-001K     Price: $1,044.58

Hydraulic Brake Kit for 1-26 A,B,C Models


3. 26249-001K     Price: $1,328.24

Hydraulic Brake, Shoulder Harness, and Battery Tray Kit for 1-26D Model


4. 26250-001K     Price: $1,232.03

Hydraulic Brake and Battery Tray Kit for 1-26E Model


For more information on the kits see the product listings.