Founded in 2006 as a part-time business to support the existing Schweizer Sailplane fleet with spare parts. We have grown into a full-time business that not only provides spare parts, but also major repair of any Schweizer Sailplane. In order to support the variety of work we perform we built our first building, a 6000 SF manufacturing & repair facility, in early 2009. In late 2010 due to increase of work we built our second building, a 1240 SF warehouse, in order to provide us additional storage for parts, tools, and aircraft. In summer 2012 we added a 5700 SF extension onto our main building in order to provide us more space for our increased repair workload. In the fall of 2013 we added onto our warehouse with a 1428 SF extension.

As of May 2011 we are an FAA approved repair station for all Schweizer Sailplanes. We also have FAA PMA for all the Schweizer Sailplane & Motorglider parts & assemblies.