Main Facility


In order to properly support all the Schweizer gliders in the field we have constructed a new facility. The facility is a 6200 sq ft manufacturing, repair, & office space. It allows us to have a space to set up the 2-33, 1-26, & 1-35 wing fixtures and be able to start repairing wings. It also provides us enough room to properly sort and categorize all the spare parts we have in stock. 



In late 2010 due to increase of work we built our second facility, a 1240 SF warehouse, in order to provide us additional storage for parts, tools, and aircraft.  


Main Facility Extension

Main Facility Extension

In July 2012 we broke ground on our newly finished 5700 sq ft extension to our main facility. This extension will allow us to move most of our assembly/maintenance work into the new section leaving more room for fabrication equipment in the old section.

Warehouse Extension

Main Facility Extension

In the Fall of 2013 we added onto our warehouse with a 1428 sq ft extension. This extension was completed in order to give us more storage room for our tools and all the glider wrecks we have purchase thru the years.